Site Inspections

  • When you have important deadlines to catch up and your client comes for site inspection at the same time you need to start prioritising. Let me take the client off your hands and show the offered sites. I understand the importance of PR for this visit, but also that you and the client both have only limited time and to spend. I will follow your brief, keep timings and make sure that all that needs to be seen is covered.
  • I will communicate with you through the site inspection visit so you will be able to provide alternatives to look at while we are doing the visits. You remain fully in charge and the team in the office can all concentrate on dealing with their own files – not covering your absence.
  • Often it is better use of the staff in the office than out full day. Project Manager could use the time better focusing on the file and join the site inspection whenever suitable.
  • I am happy to do the pre site inspections and report to you before any decision maker is flown into UK.


I have worked with many DMC’s and incoming operators in London for 25 years and can offer specialist services for a range of clients, especially in the following areas.

P.H. Holidays

As London Blue Badge guide I can design a tailored break to the UK.London and the rest of the UK offers good public transport, but private transport options are also available.