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Horse Riding Holidays – Tasters for 2016

Check these links for riding holidays in UK.

I loved the look of War Horse Ride.


Ignite your spirit of adventure on high quality horses in stunning landscapes with top notch hospitality

Liberty Trails is for passionate equine enthusiasts seeking a riding experience like no other. As one of the UK’s last wildernesses, Dartmoor is full of secrets and has plenty of stories to tell. And perhaps the best way to soak up its history and heritage is on horseback. Whether you want to bring your own horse or prefer to hire one of ours, you can ride to your heart’s content and immerse yourself in the unforgettable landscape of Dartmoor.

There’s plenty to explore out of the saddle, too, which is why our Dartmoor experiences are ideal for parties with a mix of riders and non-riders. There’s a Liberty Trails adventure to suit everyone, from guided day hikes to vintage car tours and tuition in fishing, archery or falconry. We’ll take care of every aspect of your holiday from start to finish – just tell us what you’d like to do, and we’ll sort out all the details.

And for something different you could try


Cumbrian Heavy Horses – the ultimate horse riding experience in the stunning Lake District, Cumbria, UK.

We are UK’s only specialised Heavy Horse Riding establishment.

We are small, professional, family run Equestrian Centre unique in the use of magnificent Clydesdale, Shire and Ardennes heavy horse breeds, for riding.


Olen työskennellyt monien DMC: n ja tulevien operaattoreiden kanssa Lontoossa 25 vuoden ajan ja voin tarjota asiantuntijapalveluita monille asiakkaille, erityisesti seuraavilla alueilla.

P.H. Holidays

Lontoon Blue Badge -oppaana voin suunnitella räätälöidyn tauon Yhdistyneeseen kuningaskuntaan. Lontoossa ja muualla Isossa-Britanniassa on hyvä julkinen liikenne, mutta tarjolla on myös yksityiskuljetusvaihtoehtoja.