Did you have a fall or scary moment on a horse and as a result lost your confidence?Ride with confidence is what you would like to do, however you find many reasons not to ride.

As you get older you start start having doubts – What if…

Your anxiety levels rise sky high even if you think of getting back to the saddle.

You don’t bounce as you used to and may get hurt. You have financial responsibilities. If you injure yourself – You can’t work.

In case you had a fall, try to identify the cause of the fall. Before you ride again, think why did you fall. Acknowledge the fear and start slowly. Find a trusted horse and trainer. Keep calm and take steps to prevent future falls. To ride with confidence is possible.

First of all make sure you are physically ready to ride. If you are weak physically it dents your confidence therefore get fit and your confidence will grow. Try some Pilates or Yoga exercises. Learn to control your breathing. All this will help you to ride with confidence.

Gain confidence by reaching your goals step by step. Be ready to challenge yourself within comfortable limits.

Learn to enjoy riding again. Above all this is your hobby and you should be having fun.However flashback can bring the fear back. Remember – You can always opt out and have a rest day if you need to.

Loss of confidence doesn’t have to come from a crashing fall – the general ups and downs of life also take their toll on our self-esteem, energy levels and motivation, all of which affect our ability as riders.

You may have experienced personal tragedy hence need to restart your life. Take yourself away from the daily challenges and ride in new surroundings where no one has any expectations of you. Nature and horses are great healers.

Ride with confidence at Ampascachi

At Ampascachi we use our homebred Peruvian Paso horses that are gaited horses therefore very comfortable to ride. Our trainer starts our horses gently and trains them through years as a result we have perfect trekking horses that you can trust. We cut no corners and spend time training the horses hence they will be calm and workmanlike.

We have blocked certain dates in Estancia for people who are learning to ride or want to come back to riding. Ampascachi Estancia offers comfortable accommodation, lovely food and wine, swimming pool and garden to relax. We start by introducing you to the horses and their way of going under supervision inside the arena. Once you have gained confidence we can start exploring the countryside around us. We take safety very seriously and therefore carry satellite phones on all our rides. Local English speaking guide rides with us and stays at the Estancia therefore you have plenty of opportunities to learn about Argentina. Our international groups are small – usually 4 to 6 people. We are happy to arrange an extension in Buenos Aires on the way home.

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