If you would like to travel safely in a group with women from different parts of the world, enjoy new experiences, discover other cultures and find out what role women play in the northern part of Argentina – then this is the right program for you! Join Ladies Horse Riding trip to Argentina.


During our adventure we will discover Argentine with women from different parts of the world, and who all share the same passion for travelling, new experiences, horses, riding, nature and wonderful landscapes.

Panchamama- Mother Earth

Pachamama does not only mean Mother Earth, but also universe and world in the language of the Quechua and Aimara. For those people it is a divine unity that gives life and symbolizes fertility, and the ability to create plants, animals, food and other resources we humans need to survive. During the rituals, they thank the Mother Earth for everything she provides them with, and ask for material things like houses, clothes or vehicles.

What to expect

This program gives us the opportunity to discover two amazing provinces of Argentina: Salta and Jujuy. We visit places with pre-Columbine history where the Spanish conquerors also used to reign.

Our trail through the canyon of Quebrada de Humahuaca starts in El Volcán, continues through Purmamarca where we have amazing views over the Cerro de los Siete Colores (seven-coloured mountain) where we can admire traditional arts and crafts.  Our journey finally finishes in Tilcara, an ancient town where pre-Hispanic traditions are still alive. We have plenty of time to explore this town after we have said goodbye to the horses.

During the ladies riding trip to Argentina we learn about the culture, traditions and solidarity from the indigenous people of the Argentine, Puna. During each ritual in the month of the Pachamama, the Mother Earth, they plead for the Earth and for their communities.

Travel with likeminded people on old Inca trading routes and most importantly experience the old rituals of the Pachamama, the Mother Earth. Slow travel on horses gives us an insight of the bigone era. Join Ladies Horse Riding Trip To Argentina.