Bianco Circus with difference

Bianco at South Bank is a perfect night out. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this show and sample streetfood by the river before the show. Only until 22 January 2017.

‘We celebrate the contradictions within ourselves and our work.
We create beautiful carnage and organised anarchy.
We are seriously exciting and classically fresh.

NoFit State was founded in 1986 by five friends. During a politically charged time, in a recession and as a creative reaction to the world around, the circus was born.

Where circuses were historically bonded by family ties, we are a community united by our passion for the circus arts, living together, working together and always taking on the world together. Our collective is bound by a unique spirit and complicity which gives our work its exceptional heart and soul.

Today, NoFit State is the UK’s leading large-scale contemporary circus company, producing professional touring productions and a wide variety of community, training and education projects for people of all ages.’