Paula Hiltunen Travel Consultant Paula Hiltunen Travel Consultant Paula Hiltunen Travel Consultant

B2B Travel Trade Consultant

Travel trade consultant

I have worked with most DMC’s and incoming operators in London for 25 years and can offer specialist services for a range of clients, especially in the following areas. I work for small and medium sized Nordic companies helping them to access UK travel trade and public.

Travel Trade Consultant

  • Representation, sales and marketing.
  • I can get you the access to a wider clientele with smaller investment.
  • I can offer breadth of experience and tailor-made approach to any project.

Meetings and Conferences

  • I’m committed to the work we do and the aim is to build a long lasting relationship with you.
  • I can offer on site assistance – in various languages.
  • Short term work in the office during peak periods.

Site Inspections

  • I understand the importance and specifics of a site visit to your company.
  • The pre-visit consultation is included.
  • Results-orientated international staff available.